Thursday, 5 December 2013

Joons Korean Cuisine

This was my first time having Dak Galbi, and I'm super happy my friend introduced me to this Korean dish! I absolutely LOVE Korean food, it goes hand in hand with my taste buds hehe.

Like any typical Korean restaurant, they served banchan to us (kimchi, beansprouts, mashed potatoes, and pickled cucumber). I've never seen a Korean restaurant serve mashed potatoes before so this came across to be a bit odd. However, each restaurant has their own unique aspect to it, so I'm not complaining!

We ordered Chicken Dak Galbi for 2, mild spicy and added cheese and dukbokki. I wonder if people actually just eat the Dak Galbi by itself with just meat/seafood and cabbage? It seemed a bit plin to me so we decided to add more toppings to it! 
The dish came out raw, so we had to wait for it to cook at our table (we had a little stove). The cooking time took around 15-20 minutes, and the waitresses were very tentative in mixing it for us once in a while. 


She added cheese at the very end, which made me drool seeing the cheese melt, couldn't wait to dig in!

Mild Spicy was perfect for me, since I cannot tolerate too spicy things. (Still working on it!) The serving size was great for 2 people, I came in very hungry and left SUPER DUPER full. I felt bad for eating everything, I felt like my friend didn't eat that much, perhaps that's why I was bloated haha!

It was delicious; I really loved the dukbokki and chicken (chewy). 

We also ordered the seafood pancake, pretty disappointed with (1) the portion size that did not match the price (2) bland taste (3) no sauce.

Total came to around $20 per person.

Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 5/10
Service: 7/10

I will be going back again for more Dak Galbi, but will not order anything else from the menu.


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